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about Dirafrost

The company, founded as a small family business in 1988,  is located in Belgium but has sales activities throughout Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Since 2004 Dirafrost is a part of AGRANA Fruit, which belongs to the AGRANA Group, listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange. With 27 production sites worldwide and sales activities in more than 80 countries, it is the leading producer for fruit preparations globally.


Our brand

Dirafrost FFI is specialized in frozen fruit for distribution, retail, bakery wholesale and industry.

We offer a broad range of IQF mono fruit and mixes, fruit purees, fruit coulis, smoothie portions and bakery specialties under the DIRA-brand or private label.

Private label partnerships

We are also prepared to listen to your needs resulting in sustainable win-win partnerships.

"For us a strawberry is not a strawberry and a mango not a mango.
Everything depends on the use and purpose of the fruit."

Product portfolio

Your preferred partner for fruit solutions
IQF fruit

These IQF fruits are cultivated according to our specifications to ensure perfect traceability and quality. Each fruit was frozen shortly after harvest to guarantee optimum taste & freshness. Beautiful & tasty fruits for the professional to create delicious food. Available under our DIRA brand, or packed under your private label.

IQF fruit mixes

These mixed frozen berries and mixed exotic fruits offer great taste and colour for breakfast, smoothies, fruit pies, jams and more. Our fruit experts composed the most-wanted recipes, which we offer in 1kg and 2,5kg bags under our DIRA brand. But we do more: tailor-made recipes for the food industry or for your private label.

Fruit purees

Our premium fruit purees offer constant taste & colour for foodservice, artisan bakery and the food industry. The ingredients are sourced by our fruit experts and carefully processed by our production team at low temperature and flash-pasteurized, to preserve the fruit’s natural taste & colour. Available with or without added sugar.

Smoothie mixes

These convenient mixes of frozen fruits in 150g bags give your smoothies a constant taste and colour. The frozen fruits immediately chill your smoothie, so no need to add ice cubes.

IQF deco fruit

Discover how these deco fruits can facilitate the manufacturing process of your tartlets, pies and cakes. Using our pre-formed fruit discs results in a more efficient pie production. Our coated fruits loose up to 15% less juice after thawing, preserving your pie’s texture & look.

Fruit coulis

These fruit coulis offer constant taste & colour and perfect viscosity to decorate your ice-creams and desserts. Because taste is our top priority, our fruit coulis contain up to 86% fruit.

"Together with our partners, we develop creative and premium quality fruit specialty solutions for a broad range of applications."

Our markets

At Dirafrost fruit we offer you a broad range of customized solutions based upon frozen fruit for various market segments.

Food service
Ice cream


Fruit prep
Ice cream
Freeze dry
Juice & beverages


Retail stores

"We transform fruit into high quality products for customers around the world."


We offer a wide range of fruit specialties including frozen fruits, fruit purees & coulis for a lot of different applications.
We customize and develop innovative solutions for the food industry, distributors, retailers and the food service market.

Global presence

Due to our 42 production sites on all continents and sales activities in more than 80 countries, we develop strategic alliances with major global partners.


Developing customized solutions with a worldwide network of R&D specialists in close cooperation with our customers – always adapted to local needs

Diversification through being “Quality Leader”.


Highest standards for fruit selection and processing to guarantee unsurpassed food safety standards and premium quality.


Partnering up with our customers to help them grow their business and constantly introducing innovative products into the market together with them.

We support our customers by developing tailor-made solutions.


Broad product portfolio including certified organic products and products for specific consumer groups.


Sustainability is more than just a buzzword for us – it is an integral component of our corporate culture.

Besides supply from company-owned fields, we also strive towards long-term relationships with contract farmers.

News & Events

Read up on our latest bits of news.

Crop Outlook 2020

We are happy to announce that for Dirafrost, the frozen strawberry season has started. Compared to most of the Moroccan producers, Dirafrost was able to start up two weeks in advance due to a good planning in between the agronomist department and the farmers. Even though in general the Moroccan Strawberry production decreased with slightly -5%, for Dirafrost both volumes and the quality of the crop look very promising. In general, there has been a big demand for fresh strawberries from Morocco, we also experience a bigger demand than expected for frozen strawberries coming from new prospects at diverse locations. Due to disappointing crops in Mexico and increasing prices on the fresh market in the rest of the Americas, there is less fruit on the market. While more and more US companies have found their way to Moroccan fruit, the increased volume of FDA strawberries will enable us more overseas business. Current situation in China for sure will also cause an effect on the global strawberry streams. Dirafrost as such expects a global increase of RM prices. Core markets are still mainly situated in Europe, but overseas business is expanding with a focus at Japan, Russia and the global Kosher market. The season is expected to be ending approximately by the end of May depending on the weather conditions. The entire production of the red fruit berries is concentrated in the North of Morocco, thanks to the suitable natural conditions (such as land, water and climate), the availability of a skilled workforce and the proximity to the European market. Dirafrost production facilities are located in the Larache region, most of the varieties still are popular Camarosa types.

Fruiting up the future!
Check out the latest interview with our CEO in FoodChain Magazine to learn more about Dirafrost’s plans for the future!

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