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Our delicious fruit purees

Dirafrost has a long tradition in the bakery & pastry sector:
Ever since we were founded in 1988 we have been bringing the best frozen fruits to bakers & pastry chefs.
We used our knowledge about fruit to start producing fruit purees and we became true quality leaders for fruit puree. We do comparative tests with our fruit purees on a regular basis, to make sure they have the best taste, color & viscosity for the culinary chef.


Our premium fruit purees offer constant taste & colour for foodservice, artisan bakery and the food industry.

The ingredients are sourced by our fruit experts and carefully processed by our production team at low temperature and flash-pasteurized, to preserve the fruit’s natural taste & colour.

Available with or without added sugar, in 1kg trays, 10kg buckets or in drums.

Our newest puree: Cacao fruit puree

From the white pulp underneath the shell of a cacao fruit pod =  till now the ‘neglected’ part of cacao bean

100% cacao fruit, no added sugar

The pulp tastes sweet but also a bit sharp and sweet, with some hints of a pear. No chocolate taste at all but they combine very well!

Why is it great in your kitchen?

The ingredients for our fruit purees are sourced by our fruit experts and carefully processed at low temperature by our production team.
The fruits undergo a mild thermal treatment, to preserve their natural taste & color. Our premium fruit purees offer constant taste & color for the production of artisan ice cream, pastry & the finest desserts.

How to use?

Thaw the fruit puree for 24 hours in the refrigerator (+4°C) or in defrost setting in the microwave (+/- 20 minutes at 100 to max 350 Watt).
Shake well before use.

Shelf life?​

36 Months in the freezer (-18°C)*.
After thawing & after opening store in the refrigerator and consume within 14 days.

Cacao fruit puree has a shelf life of 24 months in the freezer (-18°C)

Fruit Puree
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