New recipe: Clean Label coated strawberries!

In a world where more than 17 million people struggle with a food sensitivity (allergy or intolerance), where is a growing awareness of living a healthy life; looking for food without artificial additives and natural and recognizable ingredients, preferably sustainable produced and easy to understand. The world is changing and people are more conscious than ever about their health and lifestyle.

We proudly present the clean label version of the existing coating powder contributing to a healthier world:

  • no artificial additives,
  • no preservatives
  • and 100% natural!





The Clean Label Coated Strawberries are


  • The same freshly harvested qualitative strawberries
  • With the same advantages as the current version
  • With a 100% natural coating
  • Without any taste nor price difference


Clean Label Coated Article # Carton
Cubes 10x10mm
2 x 2,5Kg
4 x 2,5Kg
Halves 18/28mm
1 x 11Kg
Halves 28/35mm
2 x 2,5Kg
Halves 28/35mm
4 x 2,5Kg
Halves 35+ mm
2 x 2,5Kg


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