Being part of the AGRANA Group, we obviously apply the same Quality standards.

AGRANA Fruit has established the highest standards for fruit selection and processing, guaranteeing our customers unsurpassed food safety standards and premium quality. Food safety is a strategic priority throughout the organization, compromising our standards is not an option.


Zero defect policy

A zero defect policy has been established based on agreed specifications with our customers in all aspects of our business.

Due to our robust monitoring our consumer complaints are less than 1 in 13 million final products.

Quality assured

The AGRANA Fruit Quality Management team consists of more than 200 highly qualified employees worldwide, who are responsible for verifying the quality and food safety of raw materials and finished goods.

E-pact management

We have instituted the e-PACT (management by Example, Prevention, Auditing, Continuous Improvement, Training and People) focusing on managing our main risks: foreign objects, microbiology, chemicals and allergens.

lab view

Always in focus: Sustainability and quality management

Our quality management programs offer full traceability of raw material and final products, which includes 100% of supplier documentation from audit to supply.

Final products are audited both internally by our quality and management teams and externally through customer and third party auditors.

We utilize these audit results do define continuous improvement opportunities. We are proud that our quality management programs always achieve top evaluations from our customers.


Agrana Fruit Certifications & Memberships:

  • FSSC 22000
  • Organic
  • IFS
  • BRC


Different certifications depending on the production site.

“We transform fruit into high quality products for customers around the world.”