Smoothies & Milkshakes

Smoothie & Milkshake fruit portions

These convenient mixes of frozen fruits in 150g bags are meant for making the life of juice bars easier.
No fuss with cleaning & cutting fresh fruit or weighing portions and constant quality guaranteed.  
The pre-packed portion is enough for 1 big or 2 regular smoothies.

Packed in handy individual portions and ready in 1 2 3!

  • 100% natural
  • No preservatives, just fruit.
  • No ice needed to chill your drink!

How to use

  1. Put 1 portion of frozen fruit in the blender.
  2. Add 200ml of juice of your choice.
  3. Mix for 35 seconds.

Shelf life

24 months in the freezer (-18°C)

Sales package

For foodservice:
15 x 150g plastic portion bags per carton

For retail:
2 x 150g plastic portion bags per CSU

Smoothies & Milkshakes
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