The Pornstar Martini

Indulge in the seductive allure of a Pornstar Martini, a tantalizing cocktail that ignites the senses. This exquisite blend of lemon vodka, licor 43, passion fruit puree, and a splash of zesty lime juice creates a harmonious balance of flavors.
  1 glass
  10 min.


Ingredient Amount
Lemon Vodka
Licor 43
DIRA passion fruit puree
DIRA lime puree
Egg white


To create a tantalizing cocktail known as the Pornstar Martini, start by chilling the glass. Next, dry shake the ingredients until the egg white is fully incorporated. Fill the shaker with 12 sturdy ice cubes and shake vigorously for 12 seconds. Remove the ice from the chilled glass and strain the cocktail into a martini glass. 

Finally, garnish the drink with a slice of passion fruit, adding a touch of elegance to the presentation. Enjoy the exquisite flavors of this delightful libation.