Cacao puree truffle

Truffles made using our finest cacao puree.
  +/- 30 truffles
  45 min.


35 g cream
15 g glucose 45° BE
5 g sorbitol
10 g invert sugar
80 g Dirafrost cacao puree
100 g white chocolate couverture
4 g of pure alcohol


Bring the cream, glucose, sorbitol and invert sugar to a boil. Melt the chocolate couverture and add it to the hot cream.

Mix it all together. Add the cacao puree and the alcohol. Mix well again until a homogeneous ganache is obtained.

Fill the hollow balls of dark chocolate with the cooled ganache. Let it crystallize overnight.

Close the hollow balls. Coat them with dark couverture chocolate and roll them in the cocoa.