IQF Apple segments

Apple segments

IQF mono fruit

The Apple segments are washed, cut, dipped and individually quick frozen without skin.
The product is made of healthy and ripe, not fermented fruits.

Nutritional values

Per 100 (g)  
Energy± 243 kJ  
Energy± 57 kcal  
Fat± 0.58 g  
of which saturated± 0.03 g  
Carbohydrate± 11.40 g  
of which sugars± 11.10 g  
Fibre± 2.00 g  
Protein± 0.34 g  
Salt< 0.01 g  


Dira bags (PE) in carton
4 X 2,5 kg per carton

9 cartons x 7 layers = 63 cartons = 630,0 KG

Item code 04000542

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