Berry Mix with Strawberry

Berry Mix with Strawberry

IQF fruit mix

The Berry mix with strawberry is a frozen red fruit mix.
The product is made of healthy and ripe, not fermented fruits.

Nutritional values

Per 100 (g)  
Energy± 186 kJ  
Energy± 44 kcal  
Fat± 0.34 g  
of which saturated± 0.03 g  
Carbohydrate± 5.40 g  
of which sugars± 5.30 g  
Fibre± 4.40 g  
Protein± 1.10 g  
Salt < 0.01 g  


Dira bags (PE) in carton
5 X 1kg per carton

10 cartons x 11 layers = 110 cartons = 550,0 KG

Item code 04008963

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