Deco Fruit Discs

Pre-formed Fruit Disc

For cost efficient tartlet production

The preformed fruit discs enable (semi) industrial bakeries to:

  1. eliminate loss of fruit
  2. always use perfect shape & quality fruit
  3. reduce labour cost
  4. reduce production cost
  • Cost efficient: no waste of fruit
  • Visual aspect: calibrated fruit for regular & perfect look
  • Covered with a powder to have less than 1% juice loss

Deco Fruit Discs

  • red fruits: we recommend to cover the pie with soft gel
  • apple: cover with soft gel and bake a few minutes in the oven to let the
    apples caramelize
  • select the correct size of the fruit disc: ideally, the diameter of the shell
    should be 1 cm bigger than the diameter of the fruit disc

How to use


  • Cost efficient in production
  • Perfectly looking fruit and no fruit loss
  • Coated fruit used in the discs: the coating reduces the juice loss significantly after defrosting:
    max. 1% after defrosting for coated strawberries versus up to 15% for uncoated strawberries
  • Available on demand
  • Easy to implement into your production process


“We transform fruit into high quality products for customers around the world.”