Clean Label Coated Fruit

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Clean Label Coated Fruit

for pastry, tartlets, pie filling,…


The world is changing and people are more conscious than ever about their health and lifestyle.

We proudly present the clean label version of the existing coating powder: 

  • no artificial additives
  • no preservatives
  • 100% natural!


The Clean Label Coated Strawberries are

  • The same freshly harvested qualitative strawberries
  • With the same advantages as the current version coating powder
  • With a 100% natural coating
  • Without any taste nor price difference

Coated Strawberries 

The DIRA coated strawberries are covered with a thin layer of coating powder, that preserves your pie’s texture, look and taste.

The coated strawberries of Dirafrost are freshly harvested on Strawberry fields in Larache (Morocco).

Through a unique coating process the juice loss of the fruit is significantly reduced and is easy to apply for bakery, bakery wholesale and industry to use as decoration, filling,.. on delicious strawberry/fruit pastry or desserts.


Clean Label Coated Article # Carton
Cubes 10x10mm
2 x 2,5Kg
4 x 2,5Kg
Halves 28/35mm
2 x 2,5Kg
Halves 35+ mm
2 x 2,5Kg
Raspberry 95/5 for decoration
12 x 0,5Kg

“We transform fruit into high quality products for customers around the world.”