Passion fruit puree without sugar (10kg)

Passion fruit puree

Our premium fruit purees offer constant taste & colour for foodservice, artisan bakery and the food industry. The ingredients are sourced by our fruit experts and carefully processed by our production team at low temperature and flash-pasteurized, to preserve the fruit’s natural taste & colour. 


Passion fruit 

Nutritional values

  Per 100 (g)    
Energy ± 281 kJ    
Energy ± 67 kcal    
Fat ± 0.40 g    
of which saturated ± 0.02 g    
Carbohydrate ± 9.50 g    
of which sugars ± 9.30 g    
Fibre ± 1.5 g    
Protein ± 2.40 g    
Salt < 0.01 g
Item code: 04020953 

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