Strawberry, red & black currant coulis

Strawberry, red & black currant coulis

These fruit coulis offer constant taste & color and perfect viscosity to decorate your ice creams and desserts. Because taste is our top priority, our fruit coulis contain up to 85% fruit.


Strawberry, Black currant, Red currant, Sugar 

Nutritional values

Per 100 (g)    
Energy ± 423 kJ    
Energy ± 100 kcal    
Fat ± 0.25 g    
of which saturated ± 0.02 g    
Carbohydrate ± 20.90 g    
of which sugars ± 20.80 g    
Fibre ± 3 g    
Protein ± 0.86 g    
Salt < 0.01 g    


Allergens conform Reg.1169/2011/EC and any amendments thereof: no declaration needed. Major allergens are
not present in the product. Minor allergens: fructose and saccharose proper to the fruits.

Item code 04025932

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