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Strong berry flavours

Strong berry flavours
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Udo Netscher

Trending in bakery & artisan patisserie

Since a few years we see more product launches with strong berry flavours. More desserts with berries on restaurant menus, more desserts & ice-cream with strong berries in retail. More wild berries used by bakery professionals - both artisan & industrial.

We presented the strong berry trend during the German bakery event Suedback last year. I had the pleasure to work with the young talented Chef Rebecca Schreiber, who gave a great showcase.

Source: Rebecca Schreiber

Creative with cassis

Rebecca Schreiber won the German Pastry Chef Championship 2013 and was 3rd during the Junior World Pastry Championship in Taiwan in 2014.

During her Suedback showcase for Dirafrost, she worked with cassis puree, "I like to work with cassis, because it has lovely sauerness and does not make my desserts too sweet. Obviously it also brings radiant colour."

She is currently at work in the Zuckermonarchie, a trendy Café in Hamburg, She says French style patisserie is making progress in Germany. At the Zuckermonarchie they just designed a new tartlet with raspberry-tarragon mousse, a raspberry core on a puffed rice cracker: customers love it!


Source: Mintel

Retail product launches with berry fruit

At Dirafrost we stay informed about new product launches in retail in Europe. What we notice, is a peak of berry product launches just before summer.

In 2014 we saw semifreddo with forest fruits, and wild blueberry sorbet.

In the summer of 2015, the berry product launches continued. Lidl Germany introduced its fruity blackcurrant sorbet. Aldi Spain presented is "Flete Mini Postre", mini desserts with red fruit. And Belgian retailer Colruyt introduced a healthy & indulgent combination of yoghurt icecream and fruits of the forest sorbet.

Source: Puratos

Wild berries for bakery fillings

Last year Puratos introduced bakery fillings with lingonberries, blueberries and mixed berries, in line with consumer's demand for nutritional tasty ingredients.

Quote of the week

There has been a 4-year consecutive strong growth of berries on dessert menus

Datassential US

Conclusion: ask feedback

Consumer preference for wild berries:

more taste + health benefits than their cultivated counterparts

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