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Food Plating

Food Plating
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Jean-Louis Emmerechts

Creativity is a must in de food sector, to keep consumers engaged. The presentation of the food, including the decoration of the plate is essential: make sure the food looks as pretty as it tastes.

Professionals call it “food plating” and it contributes to the total food experience. The right presentation takes your recipe to a new level and makes it a memorable experience for consumers. We looked at the latest trends in food plating & brought 3 key trends together for you.

Source: The Food People

Sensorial experience is key

The Food People UK has a great infographic about food and beverage trends in 2016-2017, which shows that sensorial experience is crucial. At the top of the sensorial experience list stands ‘experience is everything’. Eating or drinking something has become more than just eating or drinking . It is a total experience for the senses and the visual aspect  is very important: We eat with our eyes first.

Source: Escoffier

Instagrammable food

A classic item with a fresh twist or an interesting visual detail immediately grabs the attention of the customer. The more you care about the look of your food, the better because this makes your food stand out from your competitors. Good looking food is also more likely to be shared on social media like Instagram or TripAdvisor. Social Media Shareability is listed on place 1 in the 2017 Trends by August Escoffier School of Culinary Arts.

Source: Ghislain Rossmark

Dessert Product Development

His name is Ghislain Rossmark: he is a top pastry chef, semi-finalist of the prestigious French Concours MOF and he is now responsible for dessert product development at the growing catering company Steffen Traiteur. When it comes to art on the plate, he is the Masterchef. We had the honour to work with Ghislain as a demochef during an exclusive Pastry Masterclass in China.

Quote of the week

Bring your colour palette in line with the seasons. Red & green are great for spring and summer plates. Violet, blackberries & beetroot work well in September. And Brown-beige shades are good in winter.

Laurens Snykers

Conclusion: ask feedback

Why you should care about Food plating:

1. Make your food a total experience for the senses
2. Your food = your signature. Stay ahead of the competition
3. Look at how Masterchefs develop desserts

Did you know?

That fruit coulis are a bright & easy way to give dishes that little extra? We spoke with young top chef Laurens Snykers who developed 5 fun and creative recipes with fruit coulis.

>> Download it here

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