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Customization is king

Customization is king
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Roeland Trossard

Food is getting a personal thing

In these times of low brand loyalty and high customer expectations, it makes sense that customization is on the rise. People can design their own pair of Adidas Original Sneakers or order a personalized Burberry scarf. This trend is also on the rise in the food sector.

Source: Smartketing

Driving guest feature in foodservice

Customization has become a driving guest feature in foodservice, writes Foodservice Marketeer & blogger Jimmy Matorin in his post of 15 September 2015. He gives the examples of American chains Chipotle an McDonalds & gourmet burger chains.

Source: CHD expert

Consumer feedback & local accents

In the quick service restaurant segment, McDonalds came up with the Create Your Taste concept, allowing people to create their own burger. Customization is a way for restaurants to offer enough options for demanding consumers to choose from. The CHD expert group wrote an interesting blog post about Customization Options: growing foodservice landscape, shrinking menus, but demanding consumers. CHD highlights another important benefit of customization: it is a valuable tool to keep in touch with consumer’s wishes. It gives the restaurant personnel the opportunity to listen to and incorporate consumer feedback.

What's more, there is still plenty of room for new concepts like customized breakfast or desserts. Customization also enables restaurant chains to adapt to local trends. Very important, since locally sourced ingredients are attractive for consumers today.

Source: Bar Expert Dave Aertgeerts

Customized drinks

In the beverage segment, also think customization for smoothies and cocktails.  A small and balanced menu is a good choice, says bar expert Dave Aertgeerts. Cocktails & health drinks  can be combined with fresh herbs, that customers can choose at the bar to customize their drink.

Quote of the week

Customization has become a driving guest feature in foodservice

Jim Matorin

Conclusion: ask feedback

3 reasons for food companies to start customizing:

Customize for feedback

Get closer to your consumers & their wishes.


Customize to go local

Add a local touch to standard recipes


Customize in unexplored eating moments

The breakfast & dessert segment in foodservice offer untapped opportunities for customization.

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