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The Moroccan strawberry market undergoes changes, the Camarossa is disappearing and the 2018 crop is waiting around the corner. What is exactly happening? Find out in this blogpost.

The Strawberry market: varieties and shifts

The Camarossa strawberry has been the most popular one in food processing for many years. In recent seasons, there has been a shift in strawberry varieties. Sabrina, San Andreas, Festival and Fortuna are gaining more popularity, driven by the fresh market. The Camarossa has almost disappeared while Sabrina is now the most grown variety.
Very recently, the local strawberry market in Morocco started booming. There is a larger demand for fresh strawberries than ever before. This causes the local farmers to focus on the local market as well. Due to its size, the Camarossa is not suitable for the fresh market. Farmers choose to grow varieties that meet the standards for the fresh market and for the food processing industry. More and more farmers start to grow raspberries and blueberries as well.


Today’s situation

The hectares planted with strawberries in Morocco are slightly higher compared with previous years. This happened in order to compensate the lower yields from past seasons. It is no secret that today’s strawberry market is very tight. Due to bad weather conditions in Morocco in 2017, the strawberry season was a lot shorter than expected. This led to lower strawberry yields than forecasted. Due to the high demand for frozen strawberries today, the prices will probably slightly increase compared to last year.

Crop outlook 2018

Strawberry crop outlook 2018

It has been very cold in Morocco lately. We expect the harvest to begin slowly by the half of February and will be at full capacity by the end of the month. Even though the season starts a bit late, we forecast that the strawberry season will end sooner again, approximately by the half of June. We have been seeing this trend for the past years. The seasons are getting shorter every year what decreases the volumes. The 2018 crop volumes are expected to be equal to the 2017 volumes.


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