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Because it is the harvest month of our raspberries, we give a delicious recipe away that will make us mouth water. See here the raspberry cake made by our pastry chef César Romero. A sweet almond cake with raspberry syrup, jelly and glaze and last but not least a crunchy chocolate and almond coating. Bon Appetit

Raspberry cake



  • Almond cake
  • Raspberry syrup
  • Raspberry jelly
  • Raspberry glaze
  • Crunchy chocolate and almond coating


Cover the base of 6 cm diameter x 4 cm high silicone moulds with a fine layer of cacao crumble and pre-cook at 150 °C for 3 minutes. Allow to cool. Once cooled, place a round of raspberry jelly of 4 cm x 1.5 cm in the centre of each mould. Next, fill the mould with cake mix and bake at 170 °C for 3 minutes. Allow to cool and remove from the mould. Pierce in various places with a large skewer. Douse with the raspberry syrup. Allow to sit for 30 minutes and glaze with raspberry glaze. Allow to set and coat with the crunchy chocolate and almond coating.


Cacao crumble

Mix the almonds, butter, sugar, and powdered cacao. Freeze in the shape of a bar.

Grate using the large holes. Spread the mix evenly over the base of the mould.





Raspberry jelly

Heat the fruit puree with the glucose syrup and the gellan gum in a saucepan. Once the mixture reaches 40 °C, add the rest of the sugar mixed with the yellow pectin. Continue cooking. Bring the mixture to the boil and add the lime puree. Pour the jelly into moulds and refrigerate until set.



Almond cake

Mix the sugar and marzipan in a mixer with a paddle blade. Next, add the eggs, little by little. Remove the paddle and insert the beater blade fittings. Beat for 5 minutes. Remove the mixer bowl and fold in the cream. Sift the corn starch, flour and baking powder, and then carefully fold into the previous mix. Lastly, add the warm melted butter and mix. Pour the cake mix into the mould that has been previously prepared with the cacao crumble and raspberry cream. Bake at 170° C for 35-40 minutes.