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Export is a labour intensive part of our business. But when we get to export our gastronomic heritage, it becomes fun. A Creative Culinary Exchange: That is what we did in Shanghai from 20 to 23 February 2017.

Ingredients of success:

  • an experienced Masterchef
  • a young talented chef
  • an experienced R&D Manager
  • a great team of Marketing & chefs in China
Creative Culinary Exchange in China

Exactly 1 month ago we hosted a Pastry Masterclass in Shanghai. Training local chefs about Western Pastry Trends is a great asset for the local sales team. Check out our blogpost about this Creative Culinary Exchange in China >>

Geplaatst door Dirafrost Frozen Fruit & Fruit Puree op woensdag 22 maart 2017

We partnered with international renowned Chef Ghislain Rossmark, Head of Product Development at luxury catering company Steffen Traiteur to host a Pastry Masterclass in China. The project started in Autumn 2016, after visiting our Chinese distributor & listening to the needs for more training & inspiration to boost sales in China. So we started the project by mapping the needs in terms of gastronomy. It soon was clear that the level of pastry knowledge of the local chefs was high, so we had to come up with innovative recipes.

We found inspiration with Ghislain Rossmark. He developed 10 top recipes & after pre-evaluation, Ghislain travelled to China together with our R&D Manager Jean-Louis & with Stijn, a young talented pastry chef. Jean-Louis brings a lot of technical fruit knowledge & Stijn, who is very ambitious, had the opportunity to watch & learn from the master. Our investment in future master chefs.





3 intensive days resulted in:

  • Better understanding of the Chinese market & the potential for European pastry trends there
  • More engagement of the sales & marketing team of our distributor
  • Better trained local chefs, our brand ambassadors, who are getting ready for the Bakery China Show in May 2017

Partnership between supplier & distributor is a win-win

Investing time & money in this approach will result in more sales for our Chinese partner & for us.
Besides, it is an enriching creative exchange & great fun!

Joint marketing efforts

Inspired by the Masterclass in February, we developed complete marketing campaign together with our Chinese distributor, including a social media campaign, luxury recipe booklets and a live demo during the leading tradeshow Bakery China in May. And let this story inspire you for a partnership. Because growing business together is more rewarding than doing it alone.

Curious to hear about the results?

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