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Suedback, the leading event for the bakery & dessert sector in Stuttgart is only 2 weeks away. Discover the amazing pastry that can be created with DIRA fruit puree, during a LIVE demo by Antonia Majunke, a young lady chef & hospitality consultant. Here is a little preview.

Antonia Majunke

Raspberry Praline

A simple & beautiful little treat

150 g DIRA raspberry puree
75 g jelly sugar 2:1
Zeste of a half lime
>> Cook the jam and let this cool down

125 g cream
40 g glucose syrup
330 g white chocolate
40 g raspberry liqueur
>> Warm up the cream and the glucose. Pour onto the chocolate and make an emulsion. Add the liqueur in the end.
Fill the praline moulds for 3/4, then add the jam. Close and cover with or roll in fruit powder.

Where to find us:
Baeko Stand hall 3 D31
See you there!