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Case: Our Smoothie Range

Our Smoothie Range
Smoothie Range
ingredients of success:

Smoothie Range

  • Development of new smoothie flavours
  • Customizable to your needs
  • growing demand of convenient, quick & healthy snacks


Case: Situation

Smoothies are becoming more and more popular every day. They come in all shapes and sizes with all types of fruits and vegetables, but why choose our frozen Dira smoothie portions? Find out below!


Why Dira Smoothies?

It's very simple! Our smoothies are about health, convenience and time.


              It is 100% fruit ​​

                 that means no preservatives and no artificial colours.


                                                All precut fruit

                                                          so you don't lose time cutting fruits, simply open the bag.


                      Quickly frozen 

                           No ice needed to chill your drink.

Our Smoothie Flavours

Dirafrost frozen smoothie portions range


Interested? Just click here >>


How to use


Dirafrost smoothies



    Put the content of the bag in the blender




  Add 200-250 ml juice (e.g cloudy apple juice, orange juice,

  clear apple juice, oat milk or whatever juice you like)     





Blend for 45 seconds



     Ready to drink... Cheers! 





Easy, convenient & quick

Watch our short video to see how user friendly our smoothie portions really are!





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