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Case: How to double productivity of raspberry tartlets

How to double productivity of raspberry tartlets
Jean-Louis Emmerechts
ingredients of success:

Jean-Louis Emmerechts

  • partnership spirit between customer & supplier
  • our dedicated R&D Manager
  • time invested in research, advice & testing

Case: Situation

In the quest for increased efficiency, a major European industrial bakery partnered with his fruit supplier to reduce production time, limit raw material loss and guarantee constant quality of his tartlets. The result: productivity doubled.

Did you know

that our raspberry disc can double the productivity of tartlets in an industrial bakery?

The start: the industrial bakery & their quest for efficiency

Efficiency and process optimization are a constant challenge in the food industry. Maintaining the quality of a finished product by monitoring incoming ingredients and regulating the production process precisely are important to be successful.

In the bakery industry in particular, the production of tartlets is an intensive process. This is the reason why a major European industrial bakery wanted to revise their production process of frozen raspberry tartlets.

Raspberry tartlets with neatly arranged raspberries are a classical product in the French pastry segment. It is a popular item in bakery cafés (in-restaurant consumption) and in coffee shops (on the go). 

raspberry tartlet random raspberries vs arranged raspberries

What the industrial bakery needed for their raspberry tartlets

The production of raspberry tartlets with arranged raspberries is a very demanding process in terms of time and quality.

  • Constant quality: stabilise the weight per tartlet
  • Constant visual aspect: the tartlets need to have a beautiful identical look in the bakery shop window
  • Reduce the loss of raspberries
  • Reduce the production cost

How Dirafrost helped

I analysed the problems and worked together with the customer to find a solution.

  • I observed the production in the industrial bakery and together with the customer we mapped the different process steps & we measured the cost & time of each step
  • Losses: the customer lost part of his raw material, because the fruits were not calibrated.
  • The temperature in the production hall was too high to work with a fragile fruit like raspberries
  • The pre-formed frozen raspberry disc on a fruit puree base is ready to use
  • The calibrated raspberries offer a constant & neat visual aspect
  • Controlling the cold chain during the whole process is key. Dirafrost's refrigerated production area allows to preserve the beautiful visual aspect of the raspberries and prevents the fruit from drying.
  • Optimised packaging for the production of pastry on automatic production lines

The results

  • Beautiful visual aspect of the tartlets thanks to calibrated raspberries
  • Production cost optimisation
  • Increased productivity: shorter production time & it is possible to double the number of pieces produced per hour

graph increased production per hour with raspberry disc

What the industrial bakery liked about Dirafrost

  • The quality of our raspberries, a variety especially selected by our R&D Manager, that fitted this project
  • The packaging was especially designed for easy use in an industrial set-up:
  • Blue inner bag allowing easy manipulation of the tartlets in production
  • Protective bubble sheet between the layers of raspberry discs to prevent broken raspberries
  • The approachability and responsiveness of our commercial and R&D team and the time invested in research, advice and testing.

frozen raspberries

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