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Case: Frozen fruit supplier & Distributor join marketing efforts to inspire chefs

Frozen fruit supplier & Distributor join marketing efforts to inspire chefs
Arnaud Giroud
ingredients of success:

Arnaud Giroud

A small dedicated international marketing team with people from Belgium, Austria, Spain and China.

Case: Situation

Just 2 months ago, in April 2017, we were in the middle of the last preparations for our Bakery China Marketing Campaign. If you missed out, head over to our blogpost of 22 March to read how we partnered with our distributor in China to get started on stronger local marketing to inspire Chinese pastry chefs.

Did you know

that a well-targeted joint marketing campaign with supplier & foodservice distributor can raise brand engagement with chefs and increase sales by 17 %?

Going further for Customer Engagement

As a Belgian frozen fruit company, we go pretty far with our distributors to increase customer engagement. After a successful try-out in February, we decided to go further with our Chinese distributor & we partnered in a first joint marketing campaign. Together we combined a digital campaign & an exclusive Masterclass for a limited number of Chinese chefs, to bring high-end pastry inspiration with fruit puree to Chinese chefs.

Now, almost 1 month after the event, we are glad to share the results of the campaign with you. It was the first campaign of this type, and the figures prove this was the right approach to create brand awareness with Chinese chefs & to drive sales of fruit puree. China is a mobile-first market, so mobile digital presence was a must in the campaign.

Pastry Masterclass DIRA China

High-performing campaign

The digital campaign outperformed the benchmarks on the 2 social media platforms we tested. First we published an article on a renowned Chinese WeChat channel for professional pastry chefs. Within 12 hours, the article was read by 8.000 chefs & by 10.000 chefs within 1 week. 177 readers took part in our contest to win an exclusive masterclass. This represents an engagement rate of 1,77%, which  is above the average European engagement rate on social platforms like Facebook (0,5 – 1% engagement).

Second, we ran 3 campaigns on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter and reached 310.000 views, of which more than 42.000 read the content: here again we see a very high engagement rate of 13,6%, compared to 1% in Europe.

The winners of the contest were invited to join an exclusive masterclass with a Belgian top pastry chef, hosted at our distributor. In an intense training day, they learned how to make 5 top pastry recipes with fruit puree.

Attract Chefs Attention and inspire

The result: a win-win for all parties

  • happy chefs, full of fresh ideas to develop new desserts
  • happy distributor with the incentive for prospects & customers
    + proven success after 1 month: a 17 % increase in sales volume of fruit puree
  • happy supplier with the increased brand awareness & increased sales

Are you a foodservice or bakery distributor & do you want to bring new inspiration to your customers? Get in touch & let’s see what we can work out together.




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