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Case: BeARTENDER, 100 % mashed fruit for cocktails

BeARTENDER, 100 % mashed fruit for cocktails
ingredients of success:



Case: Situation

100 % mashed fruit straight into an ergonomic bottle with no sugar and no additives. Wondering how we keep it fresh? Easy! It's frozen. We chose every variety based upon flavour, colour, smell, consistency, sweetness, sourness and pretty much every other parameter you can think of. 



Wondering what is so cool about BeARTENDER, just look at our benefits.

It's healthy, convenient and time-saving!


  • 100% pure mashed fruit

  • No sugar, no additives

  • You don't have to squeeze any fruit, that means no food waste and no waste of time! 


Our Beartender bottles

Dirafrost beartender fruit puree

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Our flavours: 


Want to find out more about BeARTENDER and our recipes? Just click HERE <<



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