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Industry: Freeze-dry

Higher yield for freeze-dried strawberries

Right quality of fruit for cereal For their range of freeze-dried fruits for cereals, Molda was looking for strawberries with the right brix, visual beauty & FDA certification. Sales Manager Wim worked with Molda's Director of Materials Manag…

Industry: Food safety

The essential about chlorate in the food industry

Chlorate is used in the food industry in small amounts as a disinfectant in the washing water for fruits & vegetables. Just like we use slighty chlorinated tap water to wash fruits for household use. However, there is a gap in legislation, which …

Industry: Bakery

How to double productivity of raspberry tartlets

In the quest for increased efficiency, a major European industrial bakery partnered with his fruit supplier to reduce production time, limit raw material loss and guarantee constant quality of his tartlets. The result: productivity doubled.

Industry: Bakery

Improved coated strawberries: towards clean label

Until now the coating powder on our coated strawberries contained natural aroma. We decided to remove this aroma from the composition of the coating powder, in line with the clean label trend & on request of some of our key customers for this pro…

Distributor Marketing

Frozen fruit supplier & Distributor join marketing efforts to inspire chefs

Just 2 months ago, in April 2017, we were in the middle of the last preparations for our Bakery China Marketing Campaign. If you missed out, head over to our blogpost of 22 March to read how we partnered with our distributor in China to get start…


Our Smoothie Range

Smoothies are becoming more and more popular every day. They come in all shapes and sizes with all types of fruits and vegetables, but why choose our frozen Dira smoothie portions? Find out below!


BeARTENDER, 100 % mashed fruit for cocktails

100 % mashed fruit straight into an ergonomic bottle with no sugar and no additives. Wondering how we keep it fresh? Easy! It's frozen. We chose every variety based upon flavour, colour, smell, consistency, sweetness, sourness and pretty much eve…

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