NEW: Cacao fruit puree, 100% made of cacao fruit, no added sugar.

DIRA’s newest fruit puree is prepared from the white pulp underneath the shell of a cacao fruit pod, the part of the cacao bean that’s been discarded as waste during the production of chocolate based products. By processing the ‘wasted part’ of the cacao bean, Dirafrost is not only contributing to a healthier planet, but at the same time introducing a unique and delicious new taste, applicable in many recipes… Lees verder »NEW: Cacao fruit puree, 100% made of cacao fruit, no added sugar.

Yes, we go Organic!

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Proud to announce Dirafrost achieved the BIO certification for red fruit as well as exotic fruit. Soon now presenting our first BIO fruit mixes contributing to meet customer’s needs with a focus on trends: Sustainability – Clean label – Unprocessed fruit – Healthy food – Environmental care Another reason to include organic fruit into our product range is to be compliant with the new French Organic Ambition 2022, requiring a… Lees verder »Yes, we go Organic!

Did you already hear about our Rote Grütze?

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A typical German sweet red fruit dish gaining popularity day by day.  It is a natural clean label product, low in sugar, frozen to lock in freshness and instantly ready to use. Delicious with vanilla pudding, for breakfast with yogurt, together with ice cream or on top of pies, pancakes etc.  In other words, it is a tasty, healthy, fresh and quick alternative and a must have for every restaurant,… Lees verder »Did you already hear about our Rote Grütze?

Recommended by: Ghislain Rosmark

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Ghislain Rosmark followed a classic pastry training in France, participated in international pastry competitions and advanced to the semi-final of the prestigious French Competition MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France). He is the former chief patissier of the five-star hotel Le Royal in Luxembourg and is now responsible for product development patisserie from Steffen Traiteur, a catering company in full growth that delivers fine patisserie to the Luxembourg court. He is… Lees verder »Recommended by: Ghislain Rosmark

Coated strawberries

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Coated strawberries are a typical product for the production of pies & cakes in the bakery industry: through a special process the fruits are covered with a thin layer of coating powder, that reduces the juice loss up to 15% after thawing. As a result, the strawberries loose less juice and the texture of the pie is better preserved after thawing. The reason why we had aroma in the composition… Lees verder »Coated strawberries